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Deca4 Advisory & Black Manta Capital Partners

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

BERLIN/DUBAI – Black Manta Capital Partners (BMCP) has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Deca4 Advisory (Deca4) to develop the markets of Tokenized Securities in both the Middle East and Europe. The long-term coordination will include preferred access to established distribution channels and placement of security tokens.

Steeped in technology experience, Deca4 is a specialised consultancy and tokenization studio that is established in the United Arab Emirates. It offers a unique understanding of the market, leveraging deep industry networks and have foundational elements in globally renowned projects. In particular, Deca4’s focus on new technology has established its reputation as a trusted advisor of many start-ups, NGOs, governments and corporations.

Mohammed Mahfoudh, Founder and CEO of Deca4 : “I am proud and delighted to have partnered with Black Manta Capital. I expect this partnership to produce significant productivity improvements for both companies as well as the Security Token community in general. Looking forward to collaborating on potential business opportunities as well as work on the common projects that would benefit and support not only the digital community but traditional businesses as well during this tough Covid-19 times we have.”

Christian Platzer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at BMCP: ” Under the leadership of Mohammed Mahfoudh the Deca4 team combines a broad expertise with a specific track record in the digital assets space. Black Manta Capital Partners see great market opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and the entire Middle East. We are excited to develop a broad range of projects — from startups to commodities to real estate — together with Mohammed and Deca4. ”


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